Four o’clock sounds

Four o'clock
Four o'clock

There was much ado about yesterday’s date, 09/09/09, and how both September and Wednesday consisted of nine characters. However, yesterday’s magic number was really 4. I was laid-off for the fourth time at four o’clock.

At this rate, I’m a pro at the game. I get called into a conference room filled with people with long faces telling me that it has nothing to do with my performance, but everything to do with the economy. I always say the same thing, “I understand.” But, the first two times my statement of “I understand” really meant, “Why me?” and “How did my name end up on that list?” Although the statement remained the same the third time, the sentiment was down right opposite, “Again?” “What happens to my work load?” “Is someone going to take over? Will it just sit there, like it really never needed to be done?” “What will happen to my office space? Will former co-workers walk by it and remember me? Will the close the door to my office and put an imaginary crime scene tape in front of it in the shape of an X?”

All valid questions – without answers of any consequence. Luckily, I was able to apply the lesson to my fourth boardroom experience. This time, I said, “I understand” and meant it. I understand that the economy is tight. I understand that I don’t quite fit in a box, department or even industry. I understand that what I do is important, but not important enough.

And, for the first time, I’m fine with that.

So, I’ve decided to start this little blog. In the hopes that it will help others suffering from the curse of the number four. Perhaps we can brainstorm ideas on how to become our own bosses, how to make a million bucks on twitter or simply how to enjoy the sounds of four o’clock at home.

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I was born with a widow's peak and a thick accent. I majored in English as a second language. I work ( and travel ( and sometimes do both.

7 thoughts on “Four o’clock sounds

  1. 4 o’clock sounds are all too common lately. 4:30 is just as bad… “It’s not you, it’s us. I mean, it’s you. No, the economy.”

    I’m sorry you’ve gone through that over and over, but we both know that things can ONLY get better. Congrats on the blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your post Mari.
    Even though the questions, the place where it happened are not exactly the same, we shared many “not so great feelings” like, fear, confusion, uneasiness. But most importantly, we are here and smiling and should never forget the lesson learned. I am glad that even though you have a full-time job, you haven’t stopped doing what you love… To write and to make people laugh.
    Don’t forget to never stop thinking on how to become your own boss!!! Cuz you are so freaking talented!!!!
    Luv ya!

    1. This blog is the best thing that came out of that experience. I’m working on so many ideas, but I’m afraid to become my own boss, as I’d probably fire myself. XOXO.

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