Five days of gratitude: Fanks

This morning I woke up with a heavy heart. Maybe it was the news about journalist James Foley or reading about the frustrating situation in Ferguson or hearing about the scope of the Ebola outbreak.

But just when the world was at its most bleak, a wonderful woman named Elsa challenged me, not to throw ice water over my head, but to spend the next five days sharing at least three things I’m grateful for.

So, thank you Elsa, or like Adele says, “Fanks!” Your challenge couldn’t have come at a better time.

Follow @GoRyanGo
Follow @GoRyanGo

Today I’m grateful for good health, for clean water and for a fridge full of food. I’m grateful for feeling safe in my home and loved in my life. And I’m grateful for the friends and family that take me just the way I am.


Published by Mari

I was born with a widow's peak and a thick accent. I majored in English as a second language. I work ( and travel ( and sometimes do both.

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