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I’ve been staring at this photo for a while now. The way I would stare in a mirror while screaming Bloody Mary. Who is that? And more importantly, whose pearls are those? A twist of fate and a scheduling conflict will take me back to Miami next week – coinciding with my high school reunion.Continue reading “Seventeen”

Grand momma said

A few days ago my grandmother and I got to talking about life, work and Kamikaze shots. I like the talks we have. She has so much wisdom to offer the world…of fifty years ago. As awful as her story-telling and advice-giving is, I encourage her to share and invite her to give me adviceContinue reading “Grand momma said”

I love to hate you

A little more than 13 years ago, I walked into a tattoo shop, pointed at a drawing on the wall, signed a waiver, handed over my credit card, pulled down my jeans and underwear and got my first tattoo. I brought a friend with me for support. She was the only other person my ageContinue reading “I love to hate you”

The great escape

My car alarm went off today in the most in opportune time. It’s always embarrassing when all those beeps and sirens and horns sound, but even more so when it happens outside Einstein’s Bagels where a group of people are enjoying a quiet breakfast while sitting on the outdoor tables. As I struggled to silenceContinue reading “The great escape”

Ode to Diana Krall

Dear Diana Krall, I’m not one to write fan letters. Even in my deepest obsession with Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids On The Block fame, I never wrote a letter. When presented with the opportunity, I didn’t even take a picture with my absolute top idol Gloria Estefan. And, if ever I would find myselfContinue reading “Ode to Diana Krall”

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