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When the CDC issued a no sail order across the industry, I helped Regent Seven Seas Cruises keep guests and travel partners engaged through a campaign called, Regent Connects.

Regent Connects was an email series that brought the Regent Experience into their homes through carefully curated and bespoke travel content. From sharing emotional updates about our beloved crew onboard to reliving shoreside experiences through blog posts and videos, Regent Connects kept the brand top-of-mind.

Regent Connects Successes | By-the-Numbers:
Since the Regent Connects series began in April 2020:

  • To date, 19 Regent Connects campaigns launched, focused on a unique aspect of the Regent Experience
  • Regent Connects campaigns have been read more than 1.1 Million+ times
  • Regent Connects campaigns have driven 1,200+ direct-to-consumer cruise bookings during a moment when no cruise brand was sailing

Regent Connects Samples:

  1. Regent Connects – Journey Beyond the Horizon in 2023
  2. Regent Connects – A Moment of Luxurious Self-Care
  3. Regent Connects – Indulge Your Passion for the Culinary Arts
  4. Regent Connects – A Thirst for Luxury
  5. Regent Connects – Inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  6. Regent Connects – Join Us for a Cup of Tea
  7. Regent Connects – Summertime and the Living is Luxurious
  8. Regent Connects – Our Crew Can’t Wait to Welcome You Back
  9. Regent Connects – Enriching Stories from Faraway Lands
  10. Regent Connects – The Perfect Day at Sea
  11. Regent Connects – Capturing the Beauty of Travel
  12. Regent Connects – Reminiscing About the Times We’ve Had
  13. Regent Connects – The Flavors & Flair of the Regent Experience
  14. Regent Connects – Enriching Experiences at Home
  15. Regent Connects – For the Love of Travel
  16. Regent Connects – Our Newest Ship, Perfect for You
  17. Regent Connects – Our Crew is the Heart of Our Family
  18. Regent Connects – Take Time to Relax & Recharge
  19. Regent Connects – We’re Here For You

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