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From time to time, get paid to write words. I regularly contribute to Explore Magazine, a publication of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Below you’ll find a few examples of those. If you are interested in purchasing some verbs and nouns, please visit Case & Point. Adverbs sold separately.

While you’re in Florence’s city walls, the reach and influence of this infamous clan is inescapable, but when you venture in search of their sprawling villas nestled in the scenic Tuscan countryside, a more intimate portrait is painted.

At Home with the Medicis

Even in her late-eighties, my grandmother’s green thumb continues to be bionic and she goes bird-watching in the woods. As a life-long city dweller, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world through her eyes.

In Search of Enchantment

“Oh, hello,” I said very much out loud. The flamingo didn’t respond, it was on its way to visit a friend who was standing in the mangroves directly behind my beach lounger.

Aruba’s Pink Beach

Surround yourself in a lush landscape and bathe in the extraordinary colors of flowers in bloom.

Sea of Flowers

When colonizers took control of these islands, they banned traditional tattooing.

The Art of Skin

Through the doors of the 17th century finca (farmhouse) we entered and were welcomed warmly. It was the perfect start of the day, as this vinoteca-cum-museum does a wonderful job in telling the story of Canarian wines.

Twists and Turns in Tenerife

I stood on those rocks for quite some time, overlooking the crashing surf that was glistening under a sky that had miraculously cleared up to turn pure blue. I watched an artist attempt to capture the spectacle of the place on his canvas. And then I too, like so many before me, snapped a photo of the lighthouse.

The Light of Halifax

Far removed from its beginnings as an interesting garden feature, the moon gate is deeply rooted in Bermuda’s culture as an iconic symbol of good fortune and love. It is a local tradition for newlyweds to walk underneath the moon gate together…

Portal of Hope

Eyelashes with a wingspan. Feet the size of a dinner plate. An impossibly long neck. And a blue tongue to boot. How could you not fall irreversibly in love with this beautiful, albeit odd, animal?

Above the Treetops

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