The Collision of Stupid

The principle of the Collision of Stupid diagrams the three possible results from an argument with a person that is smart or stupid. I developed this theory after witnessing the collision of two stupid people. It was, so far, one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life.

In honor of Columbus Day and the spirit of Discovery and the destruction of innocence and the way of life, I would like to share my theory with you.  All two of you.

Let’s start with the smart people, as this may include you, the reader.

Two smart people who have a discussion about differing views will result in a each of them slightly changing of their original opinion. A compromise may be reached or further research performed.

A smart person having a discussion with a stupid person always results in the smarter person agreeing with the stupid person just to get out of the conversation. The stupid person goes on thinking they were right. The smart person makes a note never to have a conversation with that stupid person again.

Two stupid people having a discussion with differing views is simply magical.  The argument can last and last and last. The results may range from a fist fight, to tears to never speaking to each other again. Smart people be weary of ever stepping in to mediate between these two. There is no way to do a point/counter-point because they have no point. They just have a statement they are sticking by and repeat it every time more loudly than the last.

Happy day to you all.

Pain, pain go away

Yesterday I went to lunch with the most interesting man in the world…smelling like Bengay. No. It gets worse. He noticed I smelled like Bengay. Do you know what’s even worse than that? It wasn’t even Bengay. It was Icy Hot because I was in that much pain.

What kind of pain? Oh, but the worse kind. I’m in vain pain.

I, trying to show-off in front of my personal-trainer-by-day-by-but-by-night-women’s-professional-body-builder in effect pulled a muscle located between my neck and my back. Or I have large alien cocooning in that area.

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