Chatty Cathys

A simultaneous conversation with my young niece (mini-me) and the librarian…
 mini-me:  helooooo
 me:  hi litttle one
 mini-me:  wats up
 me:  nada, you?
 mini-me:  me2 O:-)
me:  i’m having spaghetti and meatballs
the librarian:  that was the best pasta ever.
the librarian: you are the best gf in the world.
me:  no, you’re the best pasta ever
the librarian:  you are also the bestest bff possible. and you are funny as hell even when i’m sober.
the librarian: i’m not pasta! i’m quinoa.
Back to my niece…
me:  school today?
mini-me:  yup
me:  work for me.
mini-me: yuck
me:  zackly
Informing the librarian about my other chat and trying to change the subject after she declared herself quinoa…
me:  ooooh, exotic. mini-me is talking to me on chat. she’s cute babe.
Back to Mini-me…
mini-me:  um sooooooo y is ur pic of u squezing a pimple (she said sadly)
me:  what picture?
mini-me: its kida awkward
me:  the one on google?
mini-me:  for ichat
me:  i’m lifting my hair, no? is it black and white?
me: you dont’ think it’s cool? should i change it?
mini-me:  ya. idk i guess its cool sora
mini-me: *sorta
me:  i’ll consider your comments when selecting my next picture.
Informing the librarian that my opinion of mini-me has changed…
me:  actually, she’s really not that cute. hey, i want to go to that save dade halloween party
the librarian:  si, i really want to go to that party. we have to think about the costume situation. what can i be…
me:  we are the black and white swans. i will hear nothing more on the subject
the librarian:  babe i can’t wear a ballerina outfit. i want to have a good time.
me:  but i want to have a good time and i want to see you in a ballerina costume!
Back to Mini-me…
mini-me:  ok
me: 🙂
mini-me:  lol :-$
me:  what does that happy face mean?
mini-me:  money mouth
me:  i’m such a money mouth
mini-me:  yup me2
mini-me: 1 sec brb
Back to the librarian…
the librarian:  ballerinas don’t have my thighs, not even the black swan ones
me:  bird. bird. your thighs are delicious, like a juicy drumstick in my mouth.
me: mini-me left the conversation. i’m debating which of the two conversations i’m going to include in today’s blog…
me: one is a minor and the other can cost my a night on the couch.
the librarian:  don’t even think about it!

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I was born with a widow's peak and a thick accent. I majored in English as a second language. I work ( and travel ( and sometimes do both.

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