Caught without pants

“And this cream is for your dark circles and bags,” said theĀ Lancome lady.


I remember when I was fifteen and bought my perfectly pink lipstick in the coolest silver case at Clinique. I also remember being twenty and stalking the MAC counter for a chance to chat up the really cute make-up artist. I remember being twenty-something and spending an entire paycheck on all sorts of funky colored eyeshadow and goopey eye liner.

Not anymore. No. According to the Lancome lady, the only funky colored eyeshadow I need is to smear under my eyes to distract from the luggage I carry under my eyelashes. In an effort to defend myself, I told her that it was probably remanenceĀ of that same goopey eye make up from the early 2000’s. C’mon, we were listening to Aqua’s Barbie Girl, it was a confusing time.

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