A day in the life – Part two (point one)

This is the second part of a three part series about one day. Just making sure you knew. Anyway, we left off right when I arrived at the senior center…

I get out of my car and head toward more signs that point at a main entrance. While quietly walking under a sky that is slowly cracking with orange streaks, a woman passes me at a hurried pace. She says good morning, but kept walking probably too fast to hear my reply. She was wearing a hat. She was wearing a t-shirt. She was wearing shorts and flip-flops!

I was immediately transported back to my first day of Catholic high school. I was a transfer student and was so nervous about having a dress code that I wore my skirt so long that even the nuns refused to have lunch with me.

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A day in the life – Part one

Yesterday I awoke to the sound of my phone’s alarm clock at 5:30 AM. Yesterday was Tuesday. Yesterday I was still unemployed. Yesterday I had to be at the Miami River at 7:00 AM sharp. The following is the factual account of what happened yesterday in a three part series.

The bedroom was pitch black and artificially cold, thanks to air-conditioning, and my bed was so warm and soft, I convinced myself to stay just a few more minutes. As I tried to make myself fall asleep again I thought about not going. Afterall, who would notice? I didn’t volunteer my time for credit, for work or to impress a girl. And, frankly, 7:00 AM was an ungodly hour to start work. Nonetheless, I braved the cold tile and made a run for the bathroom. As to not be attacked by the boogie man who lives in my closet next to my Manolos.

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Laundromat socialism

The coin laundry is the universal equalizer. Regardless of what we may think of ourselves or how we may self-categorize, we, at some point, have to wash our clothes at a laundromat.

Excuses, reasons may vary, but we all are equal here. Fascinated by spinning clothes, bound to wait for the cycle to end, for a moment we are all the same. Until we get to the parking lot and try to back out at the same time and threaten to kill each other.