For those of you just tuning in, I’m counting down the days to my re-employment. Today marked eleven days ’til and boy did I get my money’s worth. Let’s see, I worked a bit in the morning while doing some laundry. Drove to Miami Lakes to check out an apartment. Had lunch on Main Street. Picked up a friend at the beach and drove to Lincoln Road. Had a cafesito from the window at David’s Cafe. Walked over to the Apple store and (massive gulp to hold back tears) turned in my cracked phone for a new one. Dropped off my friend and drove back to Doral to do my (massive gulp to hold back tears) taxes.

It was nice not to feel like I had to be anywhere. It’s what let me be everywhere.

Today’s task :

3 PM Treat myself to a free Ghirardelli sample on Lincoln Road

It's good, day or night.

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    • You are absolutely way to sweet to me. From now own I’m going to use your words to make espumita. Seriously, do you need me to send you a cafetera where you are? A pallet of Bustelo? You know, it’s good for babies. Let me know. I’ll UPS that stuff over there.

      • Yea the Bustelo will put hair on Luke’s chest. I miss mari and mari cafe time as well. Oh. And. There’s ALWAYS something to write about “the new apartment” !

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