Sponge bob

Dear Marisa’s Mom,

This morning I received the delightful surprise of an early Christmas gift.

The surprise was almost ruined when Marisa texted me about it, but luckily, I was astute enough not to check my phone and then leave it at home today.

Anyway, back to this morning, Marisa handed me a small, perfectly wrapped, rectangular box. Holding it my hand, I was transported back in time to when I was a child. The box was the exact shape of the gifts my grandmother picked out for me, only I knew the contents were not going to be soaps, socks or polyester bloomers.

After reading the hand-written note from you and your husband, I stripped that box naked to reveal the coveted golden inscription on the top. I rubbed it like blind a treasure hunter reading brail.

“Watson’s,” I whispered.

I lifted the top to expose 14 little squares of chocolate perfection and while intoxicated with the aroma, I wondered why my box only had 14 and not 15 pieces. But, I imagined you had one while wrapping gifts. And that’s totally fine. I’m really not upset about it or anything.  I probably would’ve had two, which would’ve looked less suspicious, as it would’ve brought the count to an even dozen. But, obviously,  you’re more honest than I am.

Seriously, thank you so very much for sending me sponge candy. It was incredibly sweet of you. I don’t know if you know this, but it’s my absolute favorite. I think it’s the best thing out of Buffalo. Well, second best, after your daughter.

Happy Holidays!


Important textual transmissions
In an effort to always be surprised, I never check messages.

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