Tonight’s beer: White UFO

Why does the UFO have to be white?

Last week was epic. I rewrote a website, I wrote horoscopes for a lesbian magazine, I wrote thank you notes, and edited a newsletter. I wrote two memos, I tweeted a lot, I blogged, and drafted a news story for an event that took over my St. Patty’s Day night.

Oh, you read that right – I had to work on the leprechaun holiday. The one day I can be Cubish, dress in my favorite color, and drink beer as early at 10am, I was working. I have decided to move on and refocus my belligerent-holiday-angst toward Cinco de Mayo, where I will be Mexiban for a day, wear a mustache, and drink tequila as early as 10am.

Today, however, still feeling beer deficient, I popped off the top to a delightfully racist beer called, “White UFO.” So delicious with a light-orangey taste, I held the bottle in my hand and actually said, “white is better.”

Clearly this is the work of some neo-conservative group, based in Boston, that is hell-bent on indoctrinating hippie craft beer lovers about color superiority. The same way Ghirardelli tried to confuse fat girls with their “white” chocolate chips.

Recommend: Yes. Seriously. Try it. Just not in front of your non-white friends.

Label: Unsurprisingly, the label is white. In the center, there’s an orange with rings, like the planet Saturn. They also plopped in a star at the top for good measure. A minimalist design to highlight its message of hate.

Company: Harpoon Brewery, Boston MA

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