Repost – I’m a user baby

She unfriended me and recreated a new online life. I don’t think it was a result of this post. But, without her status updates, I’m lost.

Originally published, January 12, 2011:

Like many of you, I have a public profile on Facebook. And, as you may recall, I’ve had some interesting situations arise as a result of reconnecting with friends (Monkey in the middle) on the social networking site. Recently, I discovered that both my mother and my grandmother had active profiles – only because they friend requested my friends. By the way, when I confronted them on not friend requesting me they both said they were just about to do it right before I called. And I felt relieved.

But, my favorite part of the Facebook is not looking at pictures or reading articles or keeping track of the whereabouts of friends, although I do thoroughly enjoy those activities. The reason I love it – and by love, I mean borderline obsession – is for the simple fact that I get to read posts by a certain former grade school classmate.

She philosophizes about life. For instance she recently posted this little gem: Life is like…… a box of chocolate! Love them all. = }* And then she added, It’s bazzar how sadness could bring happiness aswell.

She obviously believes that each of us can reach the highest form of spirituality when she wrote: At work… aurgh! Someone come visit me to enlighten my day…pretty please! Lol

And is humble enough to ask for help: Ok…. someone please tell me what “FML” is? I’m sure I can use it in my vocabulary, but don’t want to it wrongfully.

These posts are so amazing that if this person would, God forbid, unfriend me, I think that I would deactivate my account all together, because – not to offend my other friends that share interesting insights – there would be no reason to log on.

Here are some more:

remnisin'[listening to music] time & people fly away.

My doggies missed me soooo much! 😉 amazing how these lil creation that can’t speak, can get such a big message across

I wish me a smooth day

I so love the fact I’m a woman. I’m a true femanist!

Iyo iyo off to work I go!

My body temp is so hot I don’t feel the cold..

Picking at my brain time

Confused by people! Wish I was an animal (a four legged one)

Not looking foward to the dentist..I rather go to the GYN & I despite that!

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