Famous people problems

Welcome to the third installment of a three-part series dedicated to the problems that only the most annoying and ridiculous groups of people consider crippling. If you’ve missed the other two, you should go back two spaces – unless you’re rich or skinny.

The problems of famous people:

  • Being too famous.
  • Not being famous enough.
  • People taking your picture.
  • Struggling with the ethical dilemma of accepting expensive gifts that you probably don’t deserve.
  • Deciding whether or not to fly private or hitching a ride on the jet of another famous friend.
  • Wondering if your manager would fire themselves and hire their replacement if asked.
  • Remembering the names of your legal team.
  • Getting Ashton Kutcher to mention you.
  • An insane fear of being irrelevant.
  • Being asked for your opinion when you don’t have one.
  • Being asked to make an appearance – everywhere.
  • Secretly wishing for Perez Hilton to die.
  • Figuring out if they are laughing at you or with you.



Published by Mari

I was born with a widow's peak and a thick accent. I majored in English as a second language. I work (marianeladearmas.com) and travel (alittlecubangoesalongway.com) and sometimes do both.

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