Let’s talk about six

Today marks the sixth year of my blog. It also marks the one year anniversary of the post where I swore to never move again, and look where that got me. As is tradition on this auspicious day,I’m recapping the last year in the life of this blog in the hopes of finally learning my lesson to stop making veiled threats to the universe, as it has a much darker sense of humor than me.

I also learned that pairing music to alcohol should be left to professional DJs and Pitbull. But, undoubtedly, the greatest lesson I learned in the last year of blogging is that love is greater than marriage, but marriage is pretty fucking great.

Just before this anniversary, I arrived newly wedded to a brand new city, where I can’t pronounce anything right. And now that I’m finally getting my bearings, I can’t wait for another year of gargantuan mistakes.bedazz

Happy anniversary Relativity!

Where’s the party?

“Happy Corporate Holidays!” This is the second in a series of three blogs dedicated to the holiday season spent inside a cubicle.

If you have ever worked for an international company or are from anywhere else but here, you know that the month of December is a very difficult time to get anything done in places like the Caribbean and Central and South America. For the entire month of December there are street parties and family gatherings and food and festivals and religious celebrations and singing and fireworks.

I know. I know. They are barbaric savages. We have one party. But it’s a really, really great party. With our co-workers, right after work, at the office. Unless the company is doing well and then we get to go somewhere, like a restaurant and/or bar. And if we are doing really well, we get to bring a date and we get two drink tickets to share and all eat hors d’oeuvres and cake for free. Either way, the next morning, we get to talk about how fun it was for 15 minutes at the water cooler. Which is awesome.

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