At large

So this is what happened.

I started off writing horoscopes for a lesbian ezine. Everything was fine until the previous editor became consumed by a vagina she was consuming. The remaining lesbians consulted the oracle and chose me as their new content generator. I gladly accepted, as I thoroughly enjoy free drinks and wearing a VIP lanyard at every girl party around the country.

I would greatly appreciate your support in my new adventure: BOUND

Look what I got for Lesbian Christmas!

Twelve percent technology

Right, so I’m in a store, in a mall. No, don’t send for help. I’m fine. Well, I still have 12% of battery life left on the phone.

From the onset of the portable Gameboy I was always concerned for the children who spent hours staring down at a handheld machine. Especially disturbing was watching them do this while having dinner with their parents. It annoyed me how parents had to beg to get their attention. Say their names two to three hundred times so that by the time dinner was over the entire restaurant knew their first, middle and last name.

11%, faster, got to type faster.

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