In writing

From: de Armas, Mari
Sent: Today
To: Person, Seemingly normal
Subject: RE: Stuff


I want to follow-up on your progress with Project X. Can we have a meeting to discuss where we are since our last discussion three weeks ago?


Professional Mari

From: Person, Freaked out
Sent: Today
To: de Armas, Mari
Subject: Re: Stuff

Mari, what are you talking about? Your project is doable, but we need parameters.



From: de Armas, Mari
Sent: Today
To: Person, I don’t like this
Subject: RE: Stuff
Attachments: Super Detailed Conversation.htm (14KB); Receipt of the coffee I bought you before the meeting.jpg (30KB); Phone transcript of conference call.wav (2 MB)

This was regarding the conversation we had three weeks ago? Please see our super detailed conversation attached to this note. And, if you recall, we had a phone conversation where we discussed this email chain. Is this ringing a bell now?


Confused Mari

From: Person, Crazy
Sent: Today
To: de Armas, Mari
Subject: Re: Stuff

I need your request in writing to ensure the team understands what you are actually asking for.

Take care,


From: de Armas, Mari
Sent: Today
To: Sense of humor, Person without
Subject: RE: Stuff

Oh. Okay. I’ll reply back in writing.


Defeated Mari

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I was born with a widow's peak and a thick accent. I majored in English as a second language. I work ( and travel ( and sometimes do both.

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