I am disgusted. Seriously grossed out. The worst part about it is that I can’t even properly flesh out the reasons because I’m busy writing (or procrastinating) for NaNoWriMo. But, I feel so strongly about what’s bothering me that I’m just going to write it down and then get back to it next month.

1. My first pang of nausea happened during the CNBC Republican debate. I’d like to remind you that the people on this stage are vying to become President of the United States – not  for Video of the Year or Mayor of Hialeah. I know, I know, why should I care. I’m not voting for anyone on that stage. But, that shouldn’t matter. Those candidates want to be in one of the top positions of the whole planet, but they act like dumb asses. Worse are the people in the audience. Man, you would think that if you got tickets to go to a presidential debate, you are somewhat of a political science junkie or Harry Potter enthusiast. From past experience, we know that not to be the case – remember the veteran getting booed? Similarly, during this last debate, one of the moderators (a woman) asked a question, a pertinent question, to one of the candidates that is in the middle of a scandal, about said scandal and got booed.

My first revulsion is with Mr. Cain, for so many reasons, but particularly for his comments and reactions (which have been anything but gentlemanly or pro-woman) in the midst of the accusations for four women (more to come I’m sure). And my second gag reflex was caused by the audience reaction. Are you kidding me audience people? Do you think he needs protection from a question? Or protection from the woman asking it, as she will eventually come forward and claim that he grabbed her head and pushed it toward his crotch. Because that’s what women do. We love to falsely accuse men. We do it as revenge for not letting us vote for all those years.

2. If that wasn’t enough, the whole Penn State scandal made me lose my lunch for a second time. Well, not the scandal itself, after all I feel like I’ve been desensitized with the Catholic priests and polygamist sects. It was the reaction of the students. No, no. They weren’t mad at the pedophile that systemically molested a bunch of boys at their time of most need. No, they are mad that they lost their football coach. Their old and decrepit football coach that is such a hero, such a staple, so respected, and such a leader and role model that he didn’t have the courage to stand up to someone under his command.

Do you think those kids would’ve rioted if he would’ve come out and said, “I realize now I should have done more for those kids. And, now, I’m going to dedicate my life to tackling child abuse, because I’m a bleeping millionaire with all the time in the world.” Probably not. But, he didn’t say anything. And that’s fine. I think we established he was an egomaniacal monarch when he didn’t do anything to help those kids. But, where’s the empathy for those victims? What is wrong with those college kids? These are the best and the brightest? This school ranks among the top 50 public schools in the nation and is 17th in Engineering. Maybe that’s why they were able to topple over a news van with such ease.

If someone doesn’t get rescued out of a well or a mine in the next news cycle, I might have to call in sick tomorrow.

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