The birthday weekend has come and gone. And, I’m officially a year older. But, none the wiser. It has taken 96 hours to recover from the 72 hours that came before. A heavy price to pay to party like it was 1993.

and so it begins

As I hardly have any recollection of what really occurred, I will use the photos I found on my camera to tell the story. Oh, and the asterisks denote well-deserved shout-outs. You can read those at the bottom of each section.

Day 1*

The evening started off fine. I was composed, demure and ready for fun.


But, when you mix a mango-flavored hookah and vodka, something strange happens.

hookah and vodka

You see the world from a different perspective.


And, even when everything seemed to be moving fast, I was as still as an H&M mannequin.


* Thank you Nelson and Patty for being such good sports on the hottest night of the year. When our plans changed abruptly, you said okay to going to a place that required jumping over sewage to get to a rear entrance through a Chinese restaurant. That type of friendship is golden in my book. Oh, and thanks Andrew for not letting me go out barefooted. Your shoe delivery was of impeccable timing.

Day 2**

The sun is an asshole.


But, I had to battle through it. People were counting on me to make an ass out of myself.


Luckily, I had the assistance of a hat.




** Thank you Marisa for the kick-ass t-shirt. I’m sorry you missed out on grabbing J.T.’s kicks. I hear his feet stink anyway. Thank you Paul for showing up on the beach out of nowhere and then disappearing the next morning into thin air. I mean, are you even real? Aileen and Jason, thank you for teaching us the word “caneca,” which means a container formerly used for breast milk that is now used to store Don Q rum. Thank you Maggie, Jen and Kathy for making the trek and taking pictures. Thank you Necuze for being the last man standing. Thank you Dougs, Chrisses, Kristies, Sissi and Gabby for being witnesses to the mess that was Saturday/Sunday. Thank you Danny for bringing an entourage that diversified the group. Thank you Andrew and Jess for being sober. Thank you Janette for sexually harassing all of my friends.

Day 3***

Good morning angels.


Good morning Charlie.




Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.


Can’t wait to blow my candles out.


*** Thank you Jess and Andrew for the morning snuggle, for the cake and for taking out Finn. Franky and Veronica, thank you for teaching me the many uses of Ponds. Thank you Bettina for your attempt to put order at a brunch in a gay bar. Thank you Marianne for making friends with the next table. Thank you Luis and Annette for teaching me the art of getting free shit. Thank you Susan for helping out with the mimosas. Thank you Jack for making the table even more fabulous. Thank you Terry for not judging my pouting as we walked all the way home.  And, thank you Adhir and Ashleigh for being so enthusiastic about eating cake.

Last, but not least, thank you Librarian for your saint-like patience, your willingness to go with my flow and for never once asking me to comb my hair or put on sunscreen.

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