It’s my party

me:  it’s just like the break dancers from my 30th birthday

dora shows up to the party, wishes me a happy birthday. 

people take pictures, she leaves. 


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 thelibrarian:  no






oh and no

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me:  baby

how about a teletubby?


oh, wonder woman?

she’s a woman and a feminist and she fights crime

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 thelibrarian no


 me:  It’s not like there will be adults that will leave crying bc they are scared of Dora.

as a matter of fact, i believe puppets were meant for adult entertainment

thelibrarian mami, this is isn’t a private function. dora is not going to walk in. your party will be good enough already.

 me:  but bird, if i get permission from the nice people at the hotel can she come?

 thelibrarian ay whatever you work it out i don’t get it but if that’s what you want so badly. you’re obviously obsessed with puppets.

me:  i’m obsessed with you!

 thelibrarian nah